Domaine Tropez

   St Tropez - France

Domaine Tropez was born in 1996 and it has assembled a number of AOC Côtes de Provence vines, covering over 40 hectares. The vineyard has undergone major reconstruction calling for a large investment to build a state of the art wine cellar. Domaine Tropez has risen to the top of the wine list.

Quattro Wine Group is proud to partner with such an exclusive domaine.


Grenache 60%, Cinsault 40%
Pale pink with salmon coloured highlights. Elegant and expressive on the nose with notes of white peaches, exotic fruit and citrus. Harmonious and well-balanced on the palate with a long, intense finish.


Grenache 80%, Cinsault 10%, Rolle 10% 
Pale peachy pink with silvery highlights. Fine and elegant on the nose, blending notes of exotic fruit and white peaches with subtle floral notes. Silky and full of finesse on the palate, combining nice crisp fruit with lovely freshness. Complex, long-lingering finish.


Grenache 80%, Rolle 15%, Cinsault 5%
Pale peachy pink with silvery highlights. Complex and expressive on the nose, with notes of exotic fruit and yellow fleshed fruit. Intense on the palate, combining smoothness and fruit with lovely depth.


Grenache 50%, Cinsault 40%, Syrah 10%
Fresh and aromatic on the nose with notes of citrus and exotic fruit. Deliciously fruity on the palate with a lovely fresh finish.


Grenache 40%, Cinsault 30%, Syrah 20%,Tibouren 10%
Pale pink with salmon coloured highlights. Elegant and aromatic on the nose


Ice Tropez

   St Tropez - France

Ice Tropez, a cocktail born in Saint-Tropez. Light wine with delicate white peach aromas, delightfully refreshing. An ideal combination of style, fashion, freshness and taste. Ice Tropez is the new idea that seems to have always existed. 

With its natural sweet fruit aromas, fresh wine and deliciously sparkling, the recipe is perfect for seducing the young and urban, a cocktail containing 6.5° of alcohol, with a hint of the Mediterranean and its sweet scents of summer. All in a bottle which is original and of state of the art design.

The 0% Ice Tropez version, a refreshing experience that can be shared by soft drinks lovers, along with children.



Domaine Les Toulons

   Aix En Provence - France


Located In Rians, the family owned Domaine les Toulons continues winemaking tradition dating back over 2000 years. The vineyard is 100% organic and the family traditions have stood the test of time. Denis Alibert & his son Remy work together to keep the tradition and deliver excellence in Rosé. Quattro Wine Group is proudly the first distributor to have access to this renowned family winemaker.

Cuvée Sanlaurey rosé

Grenache 50%, Syrah 50%
Fresh and dry. A true reference of the Provencal Rosé from Cote d'Aix en Provence. Beautiful on the palate with a lovely elaborated finish.

Cuve Chateaux d Aix en Provence ROSÉ

Grenache 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon40%, Syrah 10%
Vibrant and zesty. A well balanced taste with a fruity flavour - a full bodied Rosé.